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Besides creating performance works, I often build the whole event within which the performances take place. Here are some examples:


The Water Project: Tucson's Synergistic Water Festival

THE WATER PROJECT: Tucson's Synergistic Water Festival
3rd Annual: March 18, 2012

(2nd Annual: March 24, March 27 + April 3, 2011)
(1st Annual: March 26-28, 2010)

THE WATER PROJECT: Tucson’s Synergistic Water Festival integrates arts, science and culture to raise awareness, promote stewardship, inspire ideas, and foster creative expression about our water future. The Water Festival features an art show, dance / theater performance, Enviro-Exhibitor Fair, speakers, workshops, film festival, book fair, kids activities, hands-on participation, and a cross-cultural / interfaith water ritual. Initiating Greater Tucson’s World Water Week, we bring together artists, water experts, educators, engineers, developers, conservationists, health advocates, youth, and many other community members to creatively and proactively engage in water issues from various perspectives. At the Festival, the public has an opportunity to explore the water cycle, from natural systems to man-made infrastructures, so that we can better respond to the water realities and needs of our community. Click HERE to go to the festival website.

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TEATR NOVOGO FRONTA: After participating in their international workshop intensive, I brought this sensational award-winning Czech-Russian troupe, Teatr Novogo Fronta, to the U.S. to perform “Dybbuk”, which had shared the stage with my own performance EARTHQUAKES.



THE FIFTH ANNUAL PHILA. EARTH CHARTER COMMUNITY SUMMIT: While being a central event organizer for a summit about environmental issues and the Millennial Goals, the Summit also had featured my show “Utopia/Dystopia”.


WEDDING: Producer of a very unique potluck wedding which included an interactive performance, costume party, juice bar, live music, veggie boquettes, a merry-go-round, and raw carrot cake for 200 people. The event was open to the public.


2002, 2003
THE BUMPIN' BIG TOP: As the Founder, Artistic Director, Programmer, and Featured Performer of a circus, I had presented 40 performing groups. They included dance, theatre, puppetry, film/video, live music, sideshows, fire spinning, installations, cheap art, stilt-walking, clowns, a merry-go-round, and carnival concessions.



REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION (RNC) DEMONSTRATIONS OF 2000: I was the Lead Organizer, Spokesperson, and one of hundreds of puppet makers at the “Ministry of Puppetganda”, the famous huge puppet warehouse that was unlawfully pre-emptively shut down by the FBI during the RNC demonstrations of 2000. The police destroyed all of the puppets — over 400 of them. See PRESS.


To support or participate in current and upcoming projects, contact JODI NETZER.