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SW Philly Review
Front page news feature article in the SW Philly Review for “The Tipping Point”
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SW Philly Review
First page news article in the Philadelphia Inquirer for “The Tipping Point”
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SW Philly Review
Uplifting article by a participant in “Collective Imprints”, movement-inspired mural-making
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SW Philly Review
Front page news feature article in the SW Philly Review for “Earthquakes”
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After performance works, it is imperative to have an audience discussion so that everyone can hear from each other's different perspective, be able to ask questions, and make networking connections to take further proactive action. From laughter to tears, the amazing emotional investment and outpouring from audiences is the power of moving towards an enlightened culture.


Praise from audiences:

“[Jodi Netzer is] a phenomenon...”
-Whit Maglaughlin, New Paradise Laboratories, Director

“I feel inspired to participate in my surroundings to stop the slow but certain destruction of what is not material. Keep up the good work.”
-Martina Plag, Mum Puppettheatre

“For pure & easy joy, activism through humor. [I feel] more thoughtful, a desire to be an 'interpreter' - to share how I feel and find how others see from their vantage points. Wow.”
-Volunteer from Clean Air Council

“The power of presence... the ENERGY... [I am] charged up by the verve and dedication.”
-Joseph Newland

“The audience can be led by the performance with their own experience. Creative and innovative excitement... [I am] just invigorated to know that the youth will continue to fight against injustice... committed to change and hope.”
-Joan Kosloff

“The performance dealt with thoughts on human existence. It brought a thousand questions into my mind about life and the universe, and led me to think in a new way about the human experience.  The ego; the knowledge that we exist is a powerful thing.”
-Erica Corbo

“The idea and intensity... excellent.”
-Zivile Pupinyte

“Harmony, unity - working as a group. I enjoyed the group's enjoyment of dancing together. Your focus on major issues is very important. Thanks.”
-Pat B.

“[Jodi] inspired my insight. I see emotions of fear on my background inspired by political events.”
-David S.

“The high energy level... I feel lighter.”
-Margaret B.

“By [Jodi's] facial expressions from sorrow, pain, happiness, horror, shock, fear... How quickly she could change, in a split second. I felt through her. To joy to sadness and back again. Kept me on the edge. Wonderful display!”
-Scott H.

“[The performance] made me think more of how “faith” is simpler than the Church... how well you lead me to ideas, but you let me figure out what they are. Also, the likeness in frustration towards our current day and age... there needs to be change. The skills and dance were overwhelming and fun!”

“Realization, Connection. Complete dramatic control, touching something so real. There was such a sadness, by the end I felt like a crumbled piece of paper, but there was release. Thank you!! Keep going...”
-Anna C.

“Beautiful movement... my imagination is nourished.”
-Jim M.

“The costumes, the interpretation, the creativity, the music... very strong.”
-Dianna B.

“The way the motions seemed to flow, even when they were jagged...”
-Barbara C.

“The dance was very well choreographed & creative. Reaffirmed message.”
-Robin H.

“Jodi Netzer - WOW.”
-Camilla B.

“The collaborative quality... powerful movements!”

“I feel that [the performance] will inform my own artwork.”

“It's hopeful to me. The actors and performers are so committed in a serious way to social/political theatre.”

“The deep expression of emotion in the zombie-like dancing... it gets to the point about the sad state of the world.”

“The dancing - the movements - were quite startling.”

“I stopped caring about figuring out what the details meant and let myself just feel what was being expressed.”

“The energy and dancing skills - amazing!”

“I enjoyed talking about the performance afterwards.”

“Healing dance. Interconnectivity.”




For information about Jodi's involvement in standing up to injustice, check out these articles that are still available online: ARTSWIRE Current, AGRnews, and a review by independent reporter John Tarleton. Jodi is also in a film by Big Tea Party, UNCONVENTION COVERAGE: The Message and the Means You can also do an internet search for RNC 2000 Demonstrations for more general information that is archived by national and international sources.



To inquire about the participatory performance process or conduct an interview on any other topic, contact JODI NETZER.