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Dear Fellow Earth Citizen,


I believe in the ripple-effect generated from the exposure to positive energy and creative alternatives. Yes! We are all interconnected, yet, we are collectively moving closer to our endangerment through over-consumption and waste, fear and judgments, anger and apathy, pride and lack of respect. These cycles of abuse must end. “Hope” requires further action. In our lifetime, it is very possible to see social, environmental, psychological, emotional, and health issues that can be resolved by creating simpler, more sustainable methods that work symbiotically with our planetary home.

I deeply care about people and believe that cultural integration of the arts (as creative communication, expression and education) can heal and transform the world. Through the manifestation of my work, it is my duty as a creative Earth citizen to assist individuals and groups in recognizing how personal decisions, lifestyles, and messages impact the planet and each other for this and future generations. Cultural healing and transformation can begin to take place when clarity and intention are put into action. The desires and needs of a growing population are constantly changing. However, if the demands come from a more enlightened society, policies that are more holistic would be advocated and then established to accommodate the needs of the collective conscious. So let's focus our energy on raising the Standard of Being, which would then raise the Standard of Living without the negative impact of class struggles that it often has. The time is now. The choice is ours.

The collaborative process is an art-making experience in itself. I provide a forum to cross-pollinate ideas, media, and people of various cultures to further the work of clients, workshop participants, and audiences. In my performance works, I often involve novice performers to inspire them and audiences alike to further explore their own body rhythms and creative sensibilities. When I witness people making positive life changes as a direct result of my work, I am continually inspired to create even more challenging works, while critically examining my social responsibility as an artist.

I am a cultural worker. It is my life, my breath, my entire being — dedicated to the passion of bringing people together to form a deeper understanding about ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Whether it is through Graphic Design or the Performing and Visual Arts, this mission is the same.

I look forward to working with you!



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